Adrenaline forest

February 1, 2017

Supposedly we went to this place last week tapi sebab I need to work and I got a volunteering thing, we postponed it to this week. Luckily the management was so efficient they replied our email within an hour, accepting our request.

We booked 12 pm session so me, being a productive person, I went to a seminar until 11 am then came back home to eat some heavy meals and by 11:40 we were already on our way to Adrenaline Forest, Porirua. To be honest, my schedule already packed for January until end of February but since Kak Shaf really wanna go there, tak sampai hati la pulak nak decline. Thus, I reschedule my plan and yeay finally!

There, we decided to start from the first course and yeah everything being smooth we managed to complete the first two courses within 30 minutes and as the course getting harder, we took some time to finish the third course because we wanted to prevent from pushing our hands' muscles to work too hard. The weather was actually raining before we arrived there because we could see that the road already wet by the time we were there and it looked like it turned up to be a nice day later in the afternoon. Everything's alright.... but not until I started the 4th course! The windy welly already found his way to the place and kept moving, pushing, hitting everything that he could including the trees. Can you imagine, me. on the trees. 25m above the land. moving. being pushed by the wind. 


At that moment, the next challenge was the one that you need to put your feet on two ropes alamak mesti tak faham. It's okay, the point is that ropes were moving actively. no. hyperactive-ly where I believed it was the hardest part I've ever been doing since the first challenge. The wind was not helping at all. I could see the next trees and challenges moving as the wind kept hitting them and I swear I tried to motivate myself harder than I motivated myself to study everytime I'm lazy. Finally, after it took me like almost 15 minutes to decide either continue the challenge or not, I continue the challenge to the next stage. Tapiii pokok next tu lagi dahsyat ya ampun. It was even scarier from the previous tree. Ni bukan biasa biasa punya angin ni yang boleh tolak badan punya plus the size of the tree alahai kurus la pulak.  

There I just gave up and decided to ask the staff to rescue me. I didnt want to take any risk since i'm going to the higher ground and the wind was getting stronger and the trees were getting thinner. Maybe next time I'll come back and start from the course 4 and finish everything early before and wind comes. 

You know how the staff wanted to rescue me? First, she asked me to come back to the previous tree. INI PALING TAK LAWAK. After all the time that I spent to pass that challenge and now she asked me to come back?

So you know how I did it? I asked her to let me just flying fox instead of doing the challenge-lalu-rope-yang-kena-buai-dengan-angin-kencang. But position of the tree that I was standing to the previous tree was actually little bit higher so it was a steep flying fox eh faham ke? And as it was not purposely for a flying fox station, so I need to do it real slow to prevent from hugging-tree moment. Unortunately it was so steep that I couldn't help myself to make it slow so the staff needed to stop me with her hand. Her broken hand to be specific. Weh tangan dia patah lepas tu dia kerja rescue orang pulak? Respect 100%

So, this is my story of my first adrenaline forest experience. Compared to skytres, this is better but I've never  been to escape so i couldn't compare with that one.

Ni cerita semalam. Today I worked 8 hours non-stop from 9 to 5. Nasib baik la rate hari ni tinggi at least it motivates me to work. Tomorrow I'll be going to wanganui for two days sorry ni bukan trip jalan jalan eh, kerja jugak. Kalau larat lepas solat isyak packing la kot takut esok tak sempat sebab I decided to join a seminar tomorrow morning. Then, sabtu ahad pun kerja jugak. 

Tell me how do you get bored spending summer in New Zealand?

I really need a trip to anywhere right now..

Rabbi yassir wa la tua'ssir

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