Post (South Island) trip post

February 19, 2017

The laptop clock is showing 2:22 am. I could't sleep. I cannot sleep. I've got a volunteer work tomorrow and it starts at 6 am so I need to get out around 5:45 am so I decided not to sleep. Plus I just got a free neck + shoulder massage sponsored by my employer so my body feels kinda fresh for now. And straight away after I finished the volunteering, I'm going to work so after that I'm gonna sleep. Kalau tak sebenarnya I was planning to go to Palmerston North sebab ada orang ajak pergi house warming tapi I might be too tired by the time I wanna go there, so maybe I just cancel the plan.

Scratch out the above part. Last night I browsed other websites after the last sentence and got sleepy to be surprised with my phone displaying 5:41 am. Then, I rushed going to the volunteer job, I crossed all the roads without turning left and right because people didn't even wake up yet at that time. It was a super duper fun role. It is amazing how a marathon can inspire me a lot in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I finished my role at 10 am and straight away go to work until 3:30. I am halfway to home when I just noticed that there's a travel expo happening at TSB Arena. I turned back and arrived 10 mins before the entrance door closed. I love myself for deciding to go to the expo because there are so many (useful) booklets that I could grab apart from managed to grab couple of VIP Customer cards from flight center which I really looking forward to get it after my last one expired last december. I even managed to get an A3 map of my in sha Allah next country from the expo.

Arrived home sweaty like rain, I took some rest but it's already asar so I couldnt sleep plus I just took mocha at work. 

Tonight, I was about to relieve that I'm going get some rest tomorrow after a long week before I suddenly remember I've got work tomorrow. Oh damn. It's okay. Alhamdulillah. At least I've got work to increase my account balance and I wouldnt waste time at home.

Till next time, in need a deep rest right now. 

To summarise, today's volunteering is fun. Work load at work not really busy and the travel expo was super beneficial.

Alhamdulillah for today. 

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