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February 27, 2017

So, me being a lazy (yet still trying to be helpful) is going to answer some questions regarding Wellington, a city that already has a place in my heart. cehh. All of the answers are straightly from my based experience and opinions

1. from the allowance that u get, how much can u save?                        
As a MARA/JPA scholar, we'll get $1449 as Wellington is considered under zone A same like auckland. Kalau chc dia dapat $11++ . For me, alhamdulillah so far I can 'istiqamahly' save $100 per week. But strictly this is from my own life style. I don't really spend and buy outside foods. Plus I've got part time job during the weekend sometimes. But I think without the job itself, I still managed to save even not as much as that amount la kot. It's all depends on your own discipline and how you managed your own allowance. And my rent isnt really expensive which it helps a lot. 

Other than that, it also depends on where do you live (rent) because if the rate is higher macam dekat auckland and the electricity during winter tinggi  or you duduk jauh ke so you need more allocation for transportation, so yeah it will be vary. 

2. Ramai ke yg buat part time jobs dekat sana?
Ramai gila! In fact, for my batch (perempuan) most of us at least pernah kerja part time. Tapi not that really glamour job la. macam cleaning, ironing, kerja kerja biasa je. Tapi at least dapat tambah saving so why not? (and the rate kalau convert Malaysia in sha Allah boleh dapat more than RM100 one job per week)

3. Ada banyak part time jobs yg available is it selalunya? Sbb i heard canter mcm susah nk cari part time jobs.                        
Yes, there will always be there, the opportunity. Tinggal nak cari tak nak je. I think Auckland mesti paling banyak sebab dia besar and city kot. I admit macam susah je la nak dapat tapi looking at my friends ( bukan setakat my batchmates) ramaii sangat yang ada part time job tak kisah la kerja apa. Even yang ada 2/3 jobs tu memang ramai. Tinggal nak usaha cari, and willingly nak kerja sungguh-sungguh ke tak.

5. *When's the best time to do internship? *Selalunya org buat bila? 
During summer break which is from Nov-Feb. Sebab break lain kejap sangat. Most of the companies require at least 2-3 months for an internship program 

6. *Should i start applying now? Tp i baru in my first year degree. Belum second year. 
You can check on the companies' websites. Tapi biasanya kalau company malaysia diorang bukak mid year then start internship akhir tahun. Kalau dekat NZ diorang biasa bukak awal tahun sebab diorang recruit awal-awal walaupun kerjanya still akhir tahun. (because they are NZders, they dont do last minute things cehh)

7. Has any seniors in welly done any internship w the big four?        
Yes, there are soooo many. Tapi buat dekat Malaysia la sebab senang sangat nak dapat. tak payah interview langsung pun (which I don't see it as a challenging process) But not for Big 4 in NZ. It is so damn hard. yang Kysb cuma dua orang je kot legends yang dapat. Sorang from auckland and one from wellington. 

I didn't do any internship because mehh I have other better things to do in Wellington and I dont want to go back to Malaysia.
8. Welly ada tak big 4 events? 
Of course. Last year I attended almost every companies. Not only big 4, other big companies in NZ (specifically in Wellington) pun buat events jugak for the students.

9. Do they have the recruitment prog n cv checks?
 Yes they do have. Siap buat macam one whole day program with students lagi dekat campus. The Big4 usually will do this kind of program at all big Universitis which I believed Canter also have this kind of thing. From Victoria Uni itself, they also provided services like this. Not only CV checks, Cover letter, resume, assignments check pun ada tapi more to grammar errors, languages, benda2 macam tu la of course la tak betulkan salah point ke tak huhuhu.


Other than these questions, there are so many asked regarding comparison of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Even though I've been to those other places for several times (or could I say, a lot of time?) and I already confident in making any comparison, but thinking of that again.. orang yang jadi 'local' dekat that particular places will know more (read:expert) so, I wouldn't do any justice if I make a comparison post. 

Hope this help you!

Sending loves from Summer Wellington hehehe

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